Most 3 common computer problems and how to fix them

Today i will discuss most 3 common computer problems : The first thing to do before doing anything else is to restart or restart the computer. This task solves many problems. Turn off any computer problem and turn it back on. If it does not work, then restart the device from the computer first, then install the latest software driver or driver from the internet and install it again.

Slow computer

computer problems and how to fix them
computer problems and how to fix them

If the computer is too slow it will be first to identify whether this is actually a computer’s own problem. It may not be a computer problem to spend time watching websites or buffering while watching videos online. If you think the problem is on the computer, then the hard disk drive that has the operating system installed (usually C :), there is not enough space in it. During the operating system, there is a need for free space to create Windows files. If you are inadequate, leave some of the drives empty. In this case, the best solution is a diskmax program. Address of the address Recycle Bin, installation Remnant, user history, temparary files, cookies, windows cache etc. will remove all the unnecessary system drives and clean the entire hard disk. Another slow solution is the Microsoft System Configuration Tool. There are many applications that take extra time to fully computer to be fully automated when the computer starts automatically. Press the Windows key + R key to enter msconfig and hit enter. Tick up those startup items from here that are unnecessary. However, do not tick Microsoft Corporation items written on the Manufacturing tab. Now press the restart the computer.

Internet connection2 Internet connection problem

Good solution for internet connection problem is web address. Check speed test here. Whether the internet service provider gets at least half of the connection speed, whether ping is less than 100 milliseconds. If you are not sure, check whether something is being downloaded or uploaded. Many torrent downloading programs continue to download or upload data from system tray instead of Taskbar. While the automatic update of Windows is selected, the download continues in the background. To stop it, press the start button and enter the windows box in the search box and hit enter. Click ‘Change Settings’ and select ‘Never check for updates’ option. You can also check the hardware used on the network. Connection problems are found by pressing the router or switch reset button. It can be done either by disconnecting the power for one or two seconds.

Computer repeatedly restart

It is a bit difficult to solve by solving hardware problems. First of all, be sure to update Windows. Automatically restarts the computer when these updates are installed. This may be due to virus or adware sometimes. Get rid of antivirus software or free Microsoft Essentials with the latest updates, you can install and scan them. Address of the address and its latest Definition update filename address According to the type of computer (32 or 64 bits), manually download the latest updates section, you should either update the software update file or update it directly on the Internet. However, if any computer content is too hot, the computer can restart several times. Many modern computers have a safeguard, which allows the computer to shut itself down when the machine is hot. If you have the experience of opening the CPU and if there is no warranty seal, open it and take a few days to clean the dust brush carefully. Then open the ram and clean it again and get attached to the hard disk, DVD-ROM drive and get rid of the problem of restarting.

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