How to take care your laptop computer and what to avoid

How to take care your laptop computer and what to avoid so I will explaining some of the things that probably the biggest problems that a lot of people have with laptops and you know what to do to take care of your laptop. so that it lasts as long as possible laptop computers have come a long way since the beginning and I mean even I the tech guy have you know several laptops at home and basically have almost abandoned desktop computers,  you know laptops are easy to use and they are Andy because you can just go around your home and go eveHow to take care your laptop computerrywhere with them so some of the things you need to be careful is first of all there’s a lot of misconception and there’s a lot of stories about battery usage on laptops lot of people seem to think of you got to put your laptop battery to zero every time you use it or else it’s going to go bad no that’s the worst thing you can do actually if you use your laptop and you push your battery to zero every time you use it on the battery your battery is not even going to last it’s going to barely last longer than a year because these batteries lithium ion batteries are made to be used in moderation why is everybody thinking to have to put the battery to zero that comes from the old days when laptop batteries had nickel cadmium batteries in them these


old batteries they really had a big flaw when you did not discharge them to zero they would have some kind of a memory effect and would not want to discharge up to zero or charge well afterwards that’s not the case in a laptop in a laptop today the lithium-ion batteries typically do not have any of that effect but they do not like going to zero going up to zero until your laptop

almost dies will actually make these batteries go banned much faster it’s okay to use the battery but in moderation and when you can plug in plug in the other thing that people think is oh I removed a battery for my laptop because I don’t want to burn it you’re not burning your battery fits in the laptop always and you’re always plugged in there’s not there’s no such issues with today’s batteries because the battery itself has a power control chip and it knows when it needs to be charged or not so it doesn’t stay charged all the time it actually starts charging at

Some point one good practice if you use your laptop always plugged in every


month or so you should once a month unplug the power cord use your battery for maybe 20 to 30 drop-it 20 to 30% so you know when you see that it’s at around 70% on your screen plug it back in if you do that once a month just to make sure that you know the electrons move around delete my own battery Laurens again these batteries what they hate is the extremes Never used or too much use so in moderation and do not believe anybody that says oh you’re going to drop that to zero unless the battery’s going to go bad not true heat is a major problem in laptops why simply because they are a very small enclosure it is very tight in there it’s not like a desktop that has so much space for hair to actually move around the laptops typically pack a lot of electronics in a very small space in very often a plastic casing that just makes even more heat stay inside so you have a few things you need


to be careful about this so what are the main things to be careful for heat using a laptop on your lap yeah I know it’s called a lap top but the problem is when you use it on your lap you tend to block all the vents that make the air flow into your laptop that’s one problem that a lot of people have and not just that there’s something else that can happen there’s a hazard of using your laptop directly on your lap you’ve noticed that your lap becomes warm and if it’s warm enough and I mean it doesn’t need to be that warm you can actually basically slowly cook your lap and there are a lot of cases of people that use laptops every day on their laps that have their skin turned red and it basically stays like that because it’s like a slow cook the temperature is not high enough for you to remove the laptop to say oh it’s too it’s too hot but it’s warm enough to actually damage the skin of your lap so there’s two reasons why using them on your lap directly it’s not a good idea you want to use your laptop on your lap use a cooler pad and then you can put the cooler pad on your lap and put the laptop on the cooler pad you can also use something rigid you know a book or some kind of wooden tablet that is just big enough to put the laptop on and by having something rigid well it is basically like having a table so the air flows better underneath the laptop leaving your laptop on your bed your couch on chair cushioned that is one of the worst things that can happen and all of my years of tech guy duties I’ve seen many laptops that were completely burned out because of this what happens here basically you just put your laptop on ace a surface that’s basically clogging completely the vents in the hair so basically because of that the air doesn’t flow inside and you’re burning the laptop because it just over eats easily air doesn’t have anywhere to flow to cool it down never leave your laptop on a chair cushion on a bed on a couch these are not meant for that always put your laptop on a hard surface where it can actually have airflow easily going through underneath cooling pads are great if your laptop is you know there are different types of laptops some laptops over eat much more than others if your laptop tends to be one of those that overeat why not buy a cooling pad these are not expensive you get some from about $20 and up and by putting your laptop on a cooling pad you know what it helps because there’s more air that flows into your laptop and you know what a


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